CM2500, Mobeye GSM trauksmes poga

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CM2500 Mobeye Panic Button: send an emergency alarm by just pressing the button

In situations people feel unsecure or in need of care it is important to take action immediately. The Mobeye Panic Button is a simple and effective emergency button. By just pressing the button the preset contact persons receive an SMS text message and phone call. The Panic Button is able to run on batteries. It is a small and compact box. The time between pressing the button and reaching the contact persons’ phones will be – dependent on the strength of the GSM network in place – about 20 seconds. This time can be shortened to a few seconds by using external power supply. In this case the GSM messenger also alerts in case of power outage.

A maximum of five telephone numbers can be set in this emergency messenger.

A compact and simple GSM emergency button which is essential when feeling unsecure or in need of care!

The Mobeye Panic Button has an extra input for connecting an external emergency button. This emergency button reacts similar to an alarm situation as the integrated button.

As soon as the batteries need replacement a ‘battery-low’ message is sent to the first preset telephone number.

The user places a SIM card of any telecom provider in the integrated GSM module. Mobeye advises to use a ‘contract card’. Pre-paid cards are accepted as well, but the user needs to be alert for the credit and validity.