Oryx evo D portatīvā datora statīvs (14-15″)

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Oryx evo D portatīvā datora statīvs ar dokumentu turētāju

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Turning your laptop into a truly portable PC

The Oryx evo laptop support redefines the concept of a portable PC. It is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop stands available with an incorporated document holder.

The mobile ergonomic work place

Designed to be light and mobile, Oryx stands out through its design and user experience. Being a slim and light portable laptop stand with integrated document holder on the market it truly creates a mobile ergonomic work place for its user.








Oryx evo D – a truly slim laptop stand with
integrated document holder

The Oryx evo laptop stand combines the best of design, innovation and user experience. It weighs as little as 220g and folds flat to a mere 2.5 mm easily fitting into any bag. The Oryx evo D laptop stand’s incorporated document holder allows you to place a document or a book in an ergonomic reading position. The 4 available height adjustments make the Oryx evo laptop stand a real ergonomic office helper.



  • True mobility: 220gr, approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper when folded flat (308*206*2.5mm)
  • The thinnest on the market: folding flat to a staggering 2.5mm
  • Extended height adjustability: 4 adjustments, maximum inclination of 45 degrees
  • Ergonomics at its high: screen being raised by a minimum of 200mm
  • Space-saving structure: minimal space required on the desk (220*206mm)
  • Fully functional document holder: for books and loose sheets of paper
  • Excellent build: very sturdy and stable, attention to details and user experience
oryx evo D
Colours available natural aluminium
Net weight and size 220g; 308 * 206 * 2.5 mm
Package weight and size 270g; 318 * 216 * 2.8 mm
Maximum inclination 45 degrees
Inclination adjustments 4